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  • Auscom is a premium domain name marketplace specialising in .com and .com.au domain names.
  • We also provide domain acquisition and brokerage services.
  • We are obsessed about domain names. Today is the best time to acquire a domain name as great names are becoming more scarce and as such growing in value. A premium domain name is a capital asset for your business and is an investment in your brand equity.

Explore our domains to find the perfect name to match your business idea. If you have a particular name in mind, contact us and we can help you acquire it.

Your domain name asset is a one-time expense. From then onwards there is a small renewal fee to retain it.

The best possible domain name for your business will do wonders for your marketing efforts. It will get you ahead of your competitors who will forever wish they had your domain name.

Some of our 2018 domain name sales:

  • EmailHound.com
  • MovingBox.com.au
  • Adara.com.au
  • CareerPlus.com.au
  • SGQ.com.au
  • Stax.com.au
  • Fiva.com.au
  • Aureus.com.au
  • MCES.com.au
  • CompareInternet.com

How Your Domain Name Impacts Your Brand


A domain name doesn’t just match a brand – it very much is a brand. The best domain name takes control of the mindshare of that word. When you buy your exact match domain name, you're investing in your Brand Equity.

Positioning and Authority

The best domain name creates a sense of instant authority. Owning the best domain name positions a company globally and for that industry as the best.


Exact match domain names do help with search engines. A premium domain name will make people more likely to link to your website. Click through rates increase for better domain names as there is a higher sense of trust.

Path of Least Resistance

Length and memorability matter most with domain names. Both of these constraints make it easier for customers to find a website from advertising or with word of mouth.


Lesser domain names such as composite words can pigeon hole the business. Owning the more generic, shorter brand name allows the company flexibly to pivot in its business without changing the domain name.


Consider how much marketing has been done on the domain extension. Billions of dollars have been spent on marketing of .com domain names. After decades of people seeing .com on billboards and television makes it the assumed extension.


When a high quality premium domain name is used, customers can feel more assured that they are dealing with a legitimate website. Spoof websites are less likely on say a 3 letter .com. Email security is increased with premium domain names with less chance of emails being lost, sent to competitors or worse.


A domain name is the cornerstone of a business. It’s like the physical store front of a store but more. It’s the brand, contact and location online. A business has to work really hard in terms of marketing with a bad domain name. Inversely, a business’s efforts are amplified with the best domain name.

End of Life.

Domain names are digital assets and hold value. If a company is sold, the domain name is an asset and included in the sale. The value of the domain name assets is factored into how much the company is worth. If a company is shut down, the domain name(s) still remain and can be resold.

Confused About Domain Names?

Acquiring a great domain name is an important step when starting a business. Domain names are virtual real estate and like regular real estate there are brokers to help guide you through the acquisition process.

We understand the domain name market and can help every step of the way. This starts from determining the best name for your budget, tracking down the owner, negotiating a fair price and finally setting up a safe transaction so that you actually receive your name.

Before you attempt to contact the owner(current registrant) of a name you are interested in. Please contact us first as any extra enquiries can increase the perceived value of the domain name to the current registrant. We know the domain name market and how much a domain is actually worth.

If you have any questions just reach out. We love talking about domain names all day long and can help you out with any of your domain name questions.